Monday, May 26, 2014

Iris speculatrix

Habit: Usually grows in mountain slopes and forest edges. Prefers shaded and humid areas with rich and well drained soil with ph 5.0 to 6.0. It grows in small colonies with 

Iris speculatrix is native to Hong Kong and a few areas in southern China.
It is commonly distributed in Cape D'Aguilar, Shek O, Stanley, Tai Tam, Po Toi Island. Often found growing along trail paths among the shrubs. Not found in forest.
A few scarce specimens may be growing in Lantau island and other areas in Hong Kong. 

In Hong Kong, the species is commonly found along the path of Wilson Trail, section 1, and in the slopes of Dragon Back and Shek O.

Flowering: Iris speculatrix flowers from late march to early May. Shape and color varies from plant to plant, with flowering stems 20-25 cm long, 1- or 2-leaved; spathes 2 or 3, green, lanceolate, 5.5-7.5 cm long, 1 or 2-flowered; pedicels 3-5.5 cm long. Flowers violet to light blue, 5.6-6 cm in diameter. Fruits develop from April to June.

This species was first discovered on Hong Kong Island by Hance in 1875. The large and colourful flowers make it an attractive ornamental plant.

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  1. The large and colorful flowers make it an attractive ornamental plant. This is the best part of the blog which makes me aware of the beauty of these flowers.