Saturday, May 14, 2011

Plant World:How To Grow Air Plants

How to Grow Air plants
Air Plants are very easy to grow and grows slowly.
In the Wild, air plants have roots that cling on to the tree for support.The roots don't suck nutrients from the host,but only for support!.The roots also DON"T suck water. Instead The leaves absorb water,sunlight and nutrients!!!They like humid and shady places but have no problem growing in sunny conditions too! The best thing to do is to spray mist on your air plant using Mineral water.If you are growing the Air plant Direct sunlight,Spray mist or give it a bath and let it dry out  every 2 days.They grow slowly and will only flower after one or 3 years(depending on your air plant size).
If the conditions right,your air plant will flower in spring to summer after it if one or two years old.small ones grow faster and will flower every year in spring to summer at a certain age.The mother plant dies after flowering,but it produces 12-1 buds that pop out of the dying mother plant which are called"pups".Each  "Pups" will grow bigger and bigger until it becomes a new air plant!!If the conditions are right,The "Pups" 
will flower next year in spring and will also produce "pups" of their own."pups" look like bulbs that stick out of the mother plant.The plant doesn't need to flower to produce "pups".It can produce it anytime in its life.But mostly, Air Plants Produce "pups"when the mother plant flowers,or dies.
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Here is an image of how a "Pup"  looks like(Non flowering and flowering mother image):

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